Like, omigod, this page is just so 90's!

I'm not very quick at updates, but...

I've been doing some VoIP stuff lately. Check out AsteriskPBX, FreeWorld Dialup and gnophone. Very cool stuff!

 FWD Number 241415

My IAXtel numbers:

  Work 700.866.7638

  Home 700.824.0300

My SipGate number:

PSTN: +49 2115 800 7754


"Gimme!" My wishlist on ThinkGeek

Internet Storm Center Infocon Status

My favorite pickup line


A bunch of new worms are always going around, information at Symantec's web site. The intelligent-updater, which is more up-to-date than LiveUpdate, can be downloaded here.


No warranties express or implied, if it breaks, you get to keep all the pieces.

A free antivirus program for windows is available here. (Updated 06 June 2005)



(Updated 12 January 2006)


Down Valley Diversity's new pages are still alive and well on Jimi, though!


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